Saturday, July 18, 2015

Yarn Shopping - Thrift Style

I love thrift shopping. Most of the clothing I own comes from Value Village and a good chunk of my yarn stash has come from there as well. I frequently stop in and comb through the craft section. Sometimes I walk away empty handed; other days, I'm the crazy lady at the counter with 18 balls of yarn. Yup, that's how many I had last week. You have to purchase a multiple of 6 to get the best deal (don't ask why... Its cheaper to buy 6 than 4) hence the 18. Here's the round up:

1 ball Cascade Heather in green
1 ball no label pink worsted weight 100% wool (as far as I can tell) (112 grams)
1 ball Red Heart Stargazer sock yarn
1 ball no label blue sock yarn (25 grams)
3 balls no label good quality boucle cotton blend (150 grams per ball)
8 balls Cotton Fantasie in pink
1 ball Nature Spun fingering wool (50 grams)
1 ball no label mohair blend multi colour (25 gram)
1 ball Garnstudio Vivaldi in a purpley-blue (50 grams)

Total cost: ~$15.00

I always wash thrifted yarn because you never know where it's been. The yarn is frequently loose and rolling around in bins or on the floor so I always wash it before using it. That may be overkill but it works for my piece of mind.

Of my recent score, everything has been turned into hanks, washed, and is currently drying. Wooohooo for thrifted yarn.

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